The Grand Canyon

In my two most recent posts, I shared my experience from exploring Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.  My dad and I saw both parks on the same day so that we still had time to visit other sights. Our second full day was spent observing the Grand Canyon as well as a popular lookout point called Horseshoe Bend.  This bend is located along the Colorado River and is distanced about three quarters of a mile off the highway.  After taking in the view we hit the road to head towards the Grand Canyon, where we spent the rest of our day.

The short downhill hike to get to this breathtaking view was well worth it.  Photos do not do justice of this incredible piece of nature.

We entered at the south rim of the Grand Canyon as we did not have enough time to drive to the north rim and come back around to start heading home.

This photo was taken from inside a tower at the Grand Canyon called the Desert View Watchtower.

My family and I have been going out to the Colorado River in Blythe for many years and it was cool to see the river flowing from a different location.

My dad captured me attempting to record a time lapse of the river below.  It was so windy that my tripod was slightly rattling and unfortunately I could not get a stable video.

Another amazing view that I could proudly check off my bucket list.

It may have taken me 20 years to finally see the Grand Canyon but it was worth the wait!  I had the best time taking this road trip with my dad and being able to share these experiences together created a lot of great memories.  On the way home from our trip, we took a slight detour to observe the Hoover Dam, which was our final stop of the weekend.  I would love to return to all of these places someday!

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