Bryce Canyon National Park

As stated in my previous post, my dad and I set off on a four day road trip through a few surrounding states to visit popular landmarks.  On our first full day, we were able to explore Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.  After seeing Zion, we drove 2 hours north to get to Bryce Canyon.  We decided not to drive through the entire park as we had already spent half of the day in Zion.  After entering, we pulled over to one of the lookout areas that had two different points.  We found Sunset and Sunrise point, and although we had arrived at around three o’clock in the afternoon and couldn’t catch either one, the view was still mesmerizing.

A stunning tunnel we drove through on our way to Bryce Canyon, which was located in Red Canyon.

The tones of the rocks were so bright and pigmented.  Each stack had its own unique pattern of ridges.




This was my favorite shot I captured in Bryce because it looks like a painting to me.

It was hard to believe that these rock formations occurred naturally because of how detailed each mass was.




This was a close second favorite of the sun peeking out from a large rock formation.

Even though we only spent about an hour at Bryce Canyon, I captured so many surreal images and I will always remember the experience.  I would love to return to Bryce one day to see the rest of the park.

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