Zion National Park

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my dad and I took off on a four day road trip through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah to see a few major landmarks.  Our first destination was Zion National Park.  There were many hiking trails that led to stunning views, but we wanted to wander through the park with minimal hiking.  Upon arrival, we found a map that showed each destination in the park.  It was mandatory that we took a shuttle through the park as cars were only allowed to drive to a certain distance.  We got off the shuttle at 3 different stops before heading out of the park to our next destination.

This was the view outside of a lodge located inside Zion.  How cool would it be to wake up to this view?

The Virgin River ran through the park and looked stunning at every angle.

The first hiking trail we took led to the Emerald Pools.  There was an upper, middle, and lower pool, but we only saw the middle.

There were a few waterfalls that we walked under and they actually got us wet!

The middle Emerald pool was off to my left, and the waterfall was behind the trees to my right.

Another shot of the Virgin River.

Driving and hiking through Zion National Park was an experience that I will always remember.  The details in the rock formations looked surreal.  I enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery I was exposed to and hope that I am able return to the park one day to explore the other trails.

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