Overcoming Fear & Obtaining a Positive Mindset

Fear drives us mad; we become so consumed in this emotion that we sometimes lose touch with reality.  It can control the mind in ways that we never knew were possible.  Our thoughts, actions, dreams, wants, needs- all manipulated by fear.  I used to be this person, always afraid of certain situations and the possible outcomes.  Used to.  I have come to a point in my life where I am free from the restraints that fear had been imposing on me for so long.  My mind has finally been relieved from the negative energy that was once trapped inside.  It has been a long, tiresome process, but by far the most rewarding accomplishment.  I know that many people live in constant fear every day, just like I used to.  Today I felt compelled to share my experience and hopefully to inspire someone out there, proving that there is light at the end.  Fear is really just an emotion- it can subside with a shift in mindset.

Alike most people, I dreamt often about things in life that I wanted to achieve and ultimately convinced myself that those dreams were unattainable.  For so many years I suppressed my feelings and desires because of the fears that engulfed my mind.  It came in different formats: fear of possible outcomes, fear of the opinion of others, fear of succeeding, the list goes on.  Around the time that I began a vegan lifestyle was when I really started to reconsider every single aspect of my life.  I was not happy.  I was completely disconnected from reality and had ultimately lost myself.  As I embraced this time of self-reflection, I realized that I had the choice to change my perspective on life.  Of course there were certain factors in my life that I did not have control over, but there were many that I could control.  I had the power to alter my perception.  And that’s exactly what I did.

Time, effort, energy, perseverance- this is not a short or easy process.  It has taken me a full year to be in the position that I am in today.  But I absolutely would not change a thing.  I began to make just one small change each day in order to stop living in fear.  I also implemented more factors into my life that brought me happiness.  These factors can be different for everyone, but a few examples of positive things that I did were watching the sunset each night, taking photos of nature more often, watching videos/documentaries on topics that I found interesting, eating at my favorite restaurants once a week, and enhancing my relationships with friends/loved ones.  As I progressed, I also tried to surround myself with people/things that inspired me.  Just by doing these simple things, I saw myself being more positive in each aspect of my life.  Eventually, after practicing self-awareness and working extensively to shift my mindset, I found myself constantly thinking of my goals/dreams that have always lived in my head.  It finally hit me: what was I really afraid of?  Why should someone else’s opinion of me matter?  Why did I restrict myself so much from potentially doing something amazing?  I slowly began to pursue my passions and let creativity pour from my brain.  I was so overwhelmed by the joy that I felt by doing things I loved that it made me emotional at times.  Having a clear mindset led me to start this blog and  share my true passions in life.  It is so empowering to have confidence in yourself in doing what makes you happy.  You will never know all of the beautiful things that could come from a situation if you never give it a chance.  Taking the first step is the hardest part.  Once you have a clear mind and are free from the restrictions of fear, you have already taken a huge leap in the right direction.  None of this is easy, I am going to be absolutely honest.  But if you truly want to make a change, the reward will be so liberating.

My life is not perfect, it’s quite far from that, but I am extremely grateful for the mental journey I have encountered and to know that I have come out on top.  I truly hope that my experiences have sparked a light in you if you are struggling with escaping fear in your life.  Everyone has the choice to improve their mind and outlook on life- it’s really just a matter of choosing the correct path and trusting in the process in order to achieve greatness.

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